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So you have the chance to chat directly with someone you can meet a little later for a cocktail in the city - practical, especially for the impatient or for all those who want to quickly convert virtual acquaintances into real ones real hook up sites. While on Tinder you can only chat with someone who has also matched you, on Lovoo it is different: You can also write to interesting profiles just like that.

Digital Love - If the chemistry is right, you can go straight to bed from the app

After this summary, now the question of all questions: And which is the best dating app now? There is no general answer to this. Of course, it always depends a little on what you are actually looking for or hoping for. Do you have serious intentions and want to find the partner for life or do you just want to meet new people? Should it be an exciting flirtation or perhaps a new acquaintance from which more can develop?

Of course, it also depends a little on the change. Some dating apps are quite expensive, but offer additional services or premium offers. Other apps, on the other hand, are full of ads, but 100% free. Mixed forms offer additional functions through upgrades, for example. It is best to test the free version first, it can always be upgraded.


When I was at the University, people used to call me “the brain”, you know, because I was very smart, never study for a test, and always get an A. Some of them call me a nerd, but I dont care. Im not the kind of person who be shame of being a nerd, im proud of it. Some popular people wanted to enter my study group, you know, to learn something. We used to meet in a friend’s house, listen, not xdating or blind… One day, very late, just finishing some work, everybody leaved, except me and this girl. She was a tall brunette, very prety, long legs and an amazing ass. We started talking about movies, music, some books, our family… about sex, and we ended in bed. I was very nervous the first time, so we did it again, and we liked it, so we did once again. The next day she did no talk to me. And some days ago she left the group. I dont know what happened. I didnt see her anymore, but I still remember her.
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